Sunday, September 23, 2012

What Is the Responsibilty Of Companies When Dealing With Nuclear Power Projects?

Nuclear power projects tend to be dealing with big money. And big money tends to finish critical thinking.

This photovoltage solar power station is under construction on Creete. Arab countries and most of the countries of tropical or subtropical climate zone would have at least as good possibilities as Greece  to use solar power as one of their main power generating sources. Nuclear is not needed nor rational.
When you look at recent new nuclear power projects, most of them are being planned by old nuclear weapon countries or new potential nuclear weapon countries. There are plenty of arab countries starting their nuclear era with several reactors per country plans. Some of them are also dreaming of own nuclear fuel cycle from uranium mining, enriching and making their own fuel, perhaps recycling the old fuel rods to new fuel - plutonium.

The problem is the poor condition of nuclear industry. According to a recent report it's doing really badly worldwide. And that's why the industry begins to accept orders from countries like Egypt, Vietnam, Saudi- Arabia or United Arab Emirates. It's a question of money and industry surviving. Don't ask nasty questions - sell! Make money when you can!


Nobody asks the right questions: why should countries having the best possibilities of using solar and wind power build nuclear? Countries lacking water for acriculture should construct nuclear power plants using huge amounts of cooling water. And if situated along seashores the risks of tsunamis occure once again.

Many of these countries have also huge plans to build wind, solar and wave power, but entering into nuke-club, it makes no sense.

Or, perhaps we should think once more. If Iran is going nuclear, why shouldn't all of its neighbours too?

A Finnish-origin international consulting company Pöyry won the deal for making plans to power Saudi-Arabia with wind, solar - and nuclear. I don't know what kind of analysis Pöyry made for Saudis about own uranium mining, enriching and constructing own fleet of nuclear power plants but  let's hope they found it inprofitable.



But things begin to be a little bit complicated when the representatives of Saudi-Arabian ruling dynasty openly tell their will to develop or buy nuclear warheads if Iran is having their own bomb.




Should  companies share their knowledge and help making these nuclear dreams to become reality? Is money the only thing that steers nuclear business. Should we accept the amount of nuclear weapon countries to increase by tens of new muscle armies or perhaps hundreds of them - just to save our sick nuclear industry from starving to death?

I think it is ethically a wrong decision to let money steer this extremely dangerous industry.  Or some day we may wake up seeing a real nightmare - a nuclear dream come true.


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