Monday, September 17, 2012

The Soviet Way of Getting Rid Of Nuclear Waste

The Russian Environmental Organization Bellona  told  new information about Russian nuclear waste and nuclear submarines dumping into the sea in Northern Siberia. There are more nuclear waste, old nuclear reactors and submarines with some of them the fuel still in reactor than previously known. The Russian authorities have given little by little new information about nuclear dumping that took mostly place during the Soviet era.

According to Norwegian sources 17 000 containers of radioactive waste, 19 ships with radioactive waste, 14 nuclear reactors, five of them filled with fuel are dumped there. Also 735 pieces of radioactive heavy machinery and K-27 nuclear submarine with two reactors full of fuel are on the sea bottom.

The scientists are worried about the possibility of fueled nuclear reactors to become critical and explode. And of course spreading of the radioactive contamination to the sea ecosystem is a serious issue.


I just wonder how many containers of radioactive waste there are dumped by the western countries during 1940ies to 2000. Even now there are reports about the Italian Mafia to dump radioactive waste with old ships and getting paid for the ships by the insurance companies - a double fraud.

Let's hope the ships or the most dangerous waste can be taken out from the seabed to safer locations.


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