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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Been Busy with My Book and Documentary

Arts-photo: Jukka Seppälä / Creator's Fingerprints

Last month I have been busy writing a fiction book about a nuclear power plant accident in Finland. I hope people could understand better what the risks of nuclear power mean if they see them to become reality in your everyday life. It may be too hard for the people to see the documentaries and read the news articles of Japanese victims of NPP accident or hear the interviews of Chernobyl children or their parents. They just don't receive the information because of the pain involved. But when you have a story where fiction and facts are interacting, it may be easier to read. And after that you may see that one day your life can be affected by a nuclear disaster in a way that you really don't want things to happen. I hope this will generate energy discussion on a national level in Finland.

The other thing I have been involved in for the last weeks has been recording and editing the English version of my video documentary "The Battle of Our Energy Future" .   I have only a few days left before the deadline to get it ready and copied for CMS VATAVARAN  environmental film festival in India . I'm not really sure if I can manage to catch the deadline.

But being too busy for blogging I have still been following intensively energy news. Let's hope I'll find more time for blogging during this summer.

Have Nice, Sunny, Windy and (some) Rainy Renewable Summer Days!