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Friday, June 29, 2012

200 000 Protesters Against Ohi Restart and Japan's Nuclear Policy

Today there has been reports of a mass demonstration outside the Official Residence of the Prime Minister of Japan. Up to 200 000 demonstrators crowded the streets of Tokyo to stop restarting Ohi nuclear reactors in the beginning of July this year.

Some people are waiting next Friday 300 000 people to be gathering there to express their unwillingness to accept the Ohi restart decicion made by Japanese Government and Prime Minister Noda.

Let's hope the masses stay calm and demonstrations are held peacefully without letting be disturbed by the provocations of Yakuza or pro nuclear demonstrators.




Civitas Musashino and Musashino Energy Shift organized an ICU SSRI Open Forum panel discussion at International Christian University, Tokyo Japan the 23th June 2012. Among the panelists were two active students - organizers of whole the event with their team - Mr. Akira Mouri and Mr.Hiroshi Ichige and the guests were Dr. Hiroshi Takahashi, the Chief Researcher at the Fujitsu Research Institute and Mr. Naoto Kan, the former Prime Minister of Japan and a member of the House of the Representatives.

The Japanese energy politics was discussed widely during the open forum. Mr. Kan  hoped that denucleration of Japan would follow in a way that allows the power companies to survive the change. Taxpayers have to take some responsibility of the energy change. He is fighting to get his own party to accept the roadmap for denucleration.

Dr. Takahashi was hoping the Japanese energy market to be more open for competition and for the natural energy production. He was taking Sweden as an example of a country there open energy market made it possible for the consumers to decide the means of producing the energy they consume.
The need for a green party in Japan was also mentioned by the panelists. Musashino Energy Shift was doubtful of the older parties to be able to copy with the denucleration of Japan. Ongoing mass demonstrations of 45 000 people outside the Prime Minister Official Recidence could be seen as an omen for a change during next election in Japan.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oi Restart Problems and Greetings From Japan

I have not been able to update my blog for a longer time - sorry for that. The reason for that has been my quickly planned trip to Tokyo, Japan.
I'm writing this with a little mini-laptop that has no updated browser - not supported by blogger any more - so sorry for the mistakes and strange text appearance that may follow!

Japanese government gave permission for Oi-reactors restart in a hurry. And  problems started straight away. The water level of a tank gave insufficient water level alarm and the delay of informing the Japanese people about the incident was a little strange.

There has been a lot of other happenings too, but now it's impossible for me to write more this time. I will be sharing my Japan-experiences later on this blog and on the Finnish sister blog
(It should be but because I'm now in Japan the blogger-program sends .jp -address)

Many Greetings from this beautiful
Country of the Rising Sun with plenty of friendly people!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Die-In of Fukushima women for Mr. Noda - Impressive

A YOUTUBE-video that I watched today made me think: this kind of  TV-ads should be broadcasted via all TV-channels. The real emotions, frustration, hatery, sorrow, care for children that these Fukushima women expressed in the office of the Japanese prime minister Noda who is supporting the restart of Oi -nuclear reactors that are situated in the mittle of three faults that seem to be active and cause a new nuclear catastrophy during next big earthquake in the area - link EX-SKF: would be worth seeing by everybody.

The change of everyday life after the FD-accident can be felt very clear when seeing the pain of these women, trapped by a radioactive future.
Brave women!
Link (English translation by EX-SKF) - YOUTUBE:

Small activist group could stop the construction of a plutonium-weapons factory!

In the USA a small activist group had a grand victory - the plans to build a nuclear weapons factory was cancelled because of their activism. KEEP ON CLOSING THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY - WORLDWIDE!

Japantimes on-line tells the stories of two US-evacuees that had made the hard decision to leave Japan because of the radioactive fallout.
They don't spare the words when they analyze the Japanese government and TEPCO dealing with the catastrophy, ecspecially now over a year has passed since the accident.

Read the interview here:

Some analysts like Dr. John Apsley estimates now the deaths that will be caused by Fukushima accident to reach several million people in Japan during the decades to come. At the same time nuclear industry keeps telling no deaths -scenario. We'll see - I feel very pessimistic about this issue. Chernobyl is a sad example of the cover up of nuclear industry - and IAEA and WHO. One million real extra deaths due the accident compared to few thousands of deaths claimed by the industry and these pro-nuke UN-organizations.


Uranium and other radionuclides accumulate on the thin molecyle film on the surface of the ocean and can be transported by the wind as far as 300 km inlands from the shore.
Health risk for US West Coast? Read this article to find out more!


Are the japanese officials giving out wrong radiation data via radiation network?



Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some new document films and presentations worth watching

There are plenty of new documentary films, articles and radio programs worth watching, reading and listening about Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters.

One of them is a film by CBC that follows how the ordinary people and local scientists have survived and worked since the accident. IAEA and WHO don't really get many positive words of the way these organisations have downplayed the nuclear accident and the health effects it has caused.


A really good and informative presentation held by a Japanese nuclear scientist Dr. Hiroaki Koide is now available here:


Senior Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen was interviewed about FD-accident and nuclear power in general.
You'll find the interview link here:


An anti-nuclear campaign video can be shared through this link - worth watching:


By the way: have you already changed to a non-nuclear, green powered power company as an electrical power customer? Just do it right now. Show the nuclear power companies that we have influence. They are building their new reactors with OUR MONEY. If we say NO they have to abandon nuclear power and go to renewables. In Finland we have a long expensive TV-add run by FORTUM, a massive nuclear power company. In the add they tell they are studying if solar power is suitable for northern countries. But I think the main reason for making such an expensive advertising is just the great amount of customers voting with their feet and becoming customers of real green energy, nuclear-free power companies. The big atom-boys are now frightened of loosing market shares to renewables!

A new article by Professor Karl Grossman deals with old nuclear reactors relicencing issues - are we inviting next atomic catastrophy by doing it? Worth reading!

Also Harvey Wassermans piece is worth reading: What about Fukushima sushi - find out by reading it!



Europe to decommission 150 nuclear reactors by 2030

Some good news: Europe is to decommission 150 nuclear reactors by 2030 because of the conclusions made of Fukushima Daichi disaster last year and a growing opposition to nuclear power among citizens and politicians. Also economical succee of new nuclear reactors or relicencing the old ones have been widely questioned by economists, politicians and environmentalists.

Now the economically good thing is that decomssioning the reactors means big business to companies doing the work. A whole new industry is to be constructed - no one has great experince on this subject. the economists have calculated that in Europe alone it means 81,5 Billion Dollar new market. Not so good for nuclear power companies and taxpayers!


It seems like Europe has taken the right direction to go - let's hope the other continents will follow!


Monday, June 4, 2012

1000 Watts of Solar Electricity with 1000 dollars - plug and play!

While many solar power companies and solar panel manufacturers have been facing economically tuff times some of the players have found out the name of the game.

First Solar is struggling with large losses, but has everything needed to cope the harsch situation.


Solar City has been successful in developing leasing system that cuts the building costs of a solar power system for the consumer - the company has made the installation and joining the new system easy - and the profit for the customer is coming with the cut down power bills.


But the most surprising, at least for me, was the price of the 1000 Watts solar energy package of SpinRay Energy : about 1000 dollars for plug-in solution including micro-inverters. When do we get such affordable systems available for consumers in Europe! 1 kilowatt is a good saving in everyday electricity consumption.

Link - CNET:;title

By the way - did you know that wind power industry employed 190 000 workers in Europe in 2010. Great stuff!

Link - (finnish) Kymen sanomat:

And Apple is growing solar. They are building huge solar power plants to power their own production - ZERO-CO2 emmissions!

Link - (Finnish) CO2-RAPORTTI:



Radioactive bluefin tuna is being caught at US west coast for several months now. Each one of the studied fish samples contained Cs 134 and Cs 137 of Fukushima Daichi origin. The amount was 10 times of that of the previous year, but the scientists were surprised to find tainted fish after it had migrated 6000 km across the sea. This gives us just new evidence of nuclear catastrophes to be global issues that must be prevented at any costs. When food supply is compromised and billions of people are affected by even low amounts of radioactive particles, then thousands or tens of thousands are going to get ill by this man made disaster. New epidemiological studies suggest that the radiation - cancer (and plenty of other diseases) -ratio is linear: at low doses you get the same (or slightly increased) amount of illnesses per bequerel or sievert than you get with higher doses. When you spread the radiation to the entire world, it will cause as many sick people as delivered the same amount in a smaller area. But it is news only when 10 000 people get sick at the same time in one city in a few weeks time. When 10 000 people get sick around the world during next 50 years nobody cares. You can't even trace the bad work of radiation then. That's why the nuclear industry denies that low level radiation is harmful for people. So they don't have to pay anything to the folks suffering their toxic fallouts. Everything's just fine! Clean, safe power!

Link -  ENENEWS: