Monday, June 4, 2012


Radioactive bluefin tuna is being caught at US west coast for several months now. Each one of the studied fish samples contained Cs 134 and Cs 137 of Fukushima Daichi origin. The amount was 10 times of that of the previous year, but the scientists were surprised to find tainted fish after it had migrated 6000 km across the sea. This gives us just new evidence of nuclear catastrophes to be global issues that must be prevented at any costs. When food supply is compromised and billions of people are affected by even low amounts of radioactive particles, then thousands or tens of thousands are going to get ill by this man made disaster. New epidemiological studies suggest that the radiation - cancer (and plenty of other diseases) -ratio is linear: at low doses you get the same (or slightly increased) amount of illnesses per bequerel or sievert than you get with higher doses. When you spread the radiation to the entire world, it will cause as many sick people as delivered the same amount in a smaller area. But it is news only when 10 000 people get sick at the same time in one city in a few weeks time. When 10 000 people get sick around the world during next 50 years nobody cares. You can't even trace the bad work of radiation then. That's why the nuclear industry denies that low level radiation is harmful for people. So they don't have to pay anything to the folks suffering their toxic fallouts. Everything's just fine! Clean, safe power!

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