Sunday, June 10, 2012

Europe to decommission 150 nuclear reactors by 2030

Some good news: Europe is to decommission 150 nuclear reactors by 2030 because of the conclusions made of Fukushima Daichi disaster last year and a growing opposition to nuclear power among citizens and politicians. Also economical succee of new nuclear reactors or relicencing the old ones have been widely questioned by economists, politicians and environmentalists.

Now the economically good thing is that decomssioning the reactors means big business to companies doing the work. A whole new industry is to be constructed - no one has great experince on this subject. the economists have calculated that in Europe alone it means 81,5 Billion Dollar new market. Not so good for nuclear power companies and taxpayers!


It seems like Europe has taken the right direction to go - let's hope the other continents will follow!


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