Friday, June 29, 2012


Civitas Musashino and Musashino Energy Shift organized an ICU SSRI Open Forum panel discussion at International Christian University, Tokyo Japan the 23th June 2012. Among the panelists were two active students - organizers of whole the event with their team - Mr. Akira Mouri and Mr.Hiroshi Ichige and the guests were Dr. Hiroshi Takahashi, the Chief Researcher at the Fujitsu Research Institute and Mr. Naoto Kan, the former Prime Minister of Japan and a member of the House of the Representatives.

The Japanese energy politics was discussed widely during the open forum. Mr. Kan  hoped that denucleration of Japan would follow in a way that allows the power companies to survive the change. Taxpayers have to take some responsibility of the energy change. He is fighting to get his own party to accept the roadmap for denucleration.

Dr. Takahashi was hoping the Japanese energy market to be more open for competition and for the natural energy production. He was taking Sweden as an example of a country there open energy market made it possible for the consumers to decide the means of producing the energy they consume.
The need for a green party in Japan was also mentioned by the panelists. Musashino Energy Shift was doubtful of the older parties to be able to copy with the denucleration of Japan. Ongoing mass demonstrations of 45 000 people outside the Prime Minister Official Recidence could be seen as an omen for a change during next election in Japan.


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