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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Energy Change Movement Launches Its Campaign - the Goal: 100 % Renewable Energy Finland in 2050

Last Thursday - 5th March 2015 - there was a campaign launch for the Energiaremontti2015 campaign. Here is the press release:

Press Release 5 March
Finland is starting an Energy Renewal! Old energy policy has reached dead end.
The Energiaremontti2015 campaign, which translates as “energy renewal or renovation 2015”, has gathered support from all Finnish parliamentary parties. The campaign was published today, and is also backed by an excited group of supporters from companies and the scientific community nationwide. Young candidates from all parliamentary parties support the campaign.
They have a common message: Renew our Energy! Let’s seize the opportunities provided by the breakthrough of new energy technologies and renewable energy and make them a competitive advantage for Finland.
The aim of the campaign is Finland’s transition to a 100 % renewable, energy efficient and smart energy system. The change starts right now, and it must be ready by 2050. The use of coal in electricity and heat production must be stopped by 2025 and the use of oil and natural gas by 2035. By 2050, transportation must also operate on renewables only. The campaign does not call for prematurely closing currently operational nuclear reactors nor for revoking permits already given to new reactors.
The campaign was initiated by citizens who are excited about the possibilities that new energy provides. “Finland has been hitting the breaks when it comes to energy policy, relying on obsolete assumptions about energy. It’s finally time to take some bold steps towards a new energy future”, says Campaign Manager Piia Kuosmanen.
Updating our energy system will bring new clients to Finnish companies that can then hire new employees. When the domestic market is working, our most competitive energy solutions can compete on the world market, bringing vital export opportunities.
Professor Peter Lund, who studies new energy systems in Aalto University, supports the campaign: “Energy and climate issues are the biggest challenges of our time. They can’t be solved by looking back but by investing in new energy opportunities. It’s high time for Finland to step into the new era of energy thinking. Favoring Finnish products brings us jobs, exports and growth, also when it comes to energy. At the same time we can solve pressing climate challenges.”
A group of politicians supporting the campaign demand that the goal to go 100 % renewable is written in the next government’s program. “Finland as a nation needs a common energy vision that extends from the left wing to the right wing of politics. This vision must be a Finland that is 100 % renewable. Change has to start now”, the group says in their statement.  
To learn more about the Energiaremontti2015 campaign, please contact:
Campaign Manager Piia Kuosmanen, +358 45 138 3184,
Links (In Finnish):
Energiaremontti2015 on Twitter @Energiaremontti
Energiaremontti2015 on Facebook 

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