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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Welcome to Solarwindpronet

Hi everybody!

This new blog is dealing with energy: solar energy, wind energy, other types of renewable energy and farewelling nuclear energy. It is introducing the threats and possibilities of near future, not forgetting the fresh studies or scientifical articles. It's goal is connecting professionals of science, economy and engineering, politicians, artists and creative individuals to discuss and act according to our planets best.

This all may seem as fighting against wind mills like Don Quihot, but actually we should be fighting for them.
It will not be an easy task, but you can't win if you never try.

After looking from a distance all this political discussion about different energy solutions for about thirty years now, I was obliged to do something about it. The worst nuclear (and industrial) accident in human history in Japan at Fukushima Daichi nuclear plant made it clear to me that now it is the last moment to start acting: in one or two years it could be too late!

Let me give you some links to some sites that can give some glue what I mean:

Fission Criticality Explosion Was Possible In Fukushima?

Are Most Nuclear Power Plants Vulnerable?

Guardian Revealed: British government's plan to play down Fukushima

What do you think, if the leading experts (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) were saying  that each of nuclear reactors had a 33% chance (during their 40 -year license term) of getting a long term power loss (and a core melt down / melt through) or their spent fuel rod pools getting fire and spewing more radioactivity than all the nuclear bomb tests or accidents combined. And all of this because of solar flare activities!

That seemed first at least to me too harsch to be true. But after reading a few articles of different scientists I had to admit it being possible.
Here is one of the links: IB-Times: Severe Solar Storms Could Disrupt Earth This Decade

So perhaps it could be now the time to act and minimise the risks of excisting nuclear power plants and spent fuel pools and make the ordinary people also a part of the solution as well as the politicians.

The nuclear reneissance is nothing but an old fashioned thinking now when the world is rapidly changing and surely not paying any fees but agonies and survival struggles for those who are still living in 1950's atomic era with large heavy american cars, colourful bikinis and red sunsets in a world with no problems in sight.

Today we have much more problems, but also much, much more solutions if we only are willing to find them.

New Solar Power Is Cheaper Than New Nuclear Power!

So, this is my first Blogging post. I hope my English is understandable. I decided to write in English though it drops some elder people out of discussion here in Finland because they are lacking the ability of understanding other languages than Finnish or Swedish. But reaching out so many as possible around the globe is one of my basic goals. Let's hope we'll catch it! Together.

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