Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Die-In of Fukushima women for Mr. Noda - Impressive

A YOUTUBE-video that I watched today made me think: this kind of  TV-ads should be broadcasted via all TV-channels. The real emotions, frustration, hatery, sorrow, care for children that these Fukushima women expressed in the office of the Japanese prime minister Noda who is supporting the restart of Oi -nuclear reactors that are situated in the mittle of three faults that seem to be active and cause a new nuclear catastrophy during next big earthquake in the area - link EX-SKF: would be worth seeing by everybody.

The change of everyday life after the FD-accident can be felt very clear when seeing the pain of these women, trapped by a radioactive future.
Brave women!
Link (English translation by EX-SKF) - YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYQNd2ybiDg&feature=player_embedded

Small activist group could stop the construction of a plutonium-weapons factory!

In the USA a small activist group had a grand victory - the plans to build a nuclear weapons factory was cancelled because of their activism. KEEP ON CLOSING THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY - WORLDWIDE!
Link - YESMAGAZINE: http://www.yesmagazine.org/issues/making-it-home/activists-halt-new-plutonium-facility

Japantimes on-line tells the stories of two US-evacuees that had made the hard decision to leave Japan because of the radioactive fallout.
They don't spare the words when they analyze the Japanese government and TEPCO dealing with the catastrophy, ecspecially now over a year has passed since the accident.

Read the interview here:

Some analysts like Dr. John Apsley estimates now the deaths that will be caused by Fukushima accident to reach several million people in Japan during the decades to come. At the same time nuclear industry keeps telling no deaths -scenario. We'll see - I feel very pessimistic about this issue. Chernobyl is a sad example of the cover up of nuclear industry - and IAEA and WHO. One million real extra deaths due the accident compared to few thousands of deaths claimed by the industry and these pro-nuke UN-organizations.

Link - EXAMINER:  

Uranium and other radionuclides accumulate on the thin molecyle film on the surface of the ocean and can be transported by the wind as far as 300 km inlands from the shore.
Health risk for US West Coast? Read this article to find out more!


Are the japanese officials giving out wrong radiation data via radiation network?




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