Monday, September 17, 2012

Just In: NRC Cover-Up - almost 100% Probability of Three Reactors Meltdown If Jocassee Dam Fails

The odds that Jocassee Dam in USA fails are much greater than odds were that a big tsunami hits Fukushima Daichi NPP. Also other dams with nuclear power plants downstream are likely to fail with far greater possibility than having a tsunami run over Japanese nuclear plants.

NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) has known that for a long time but has not been willing to publish the information or force the licencees to strenghten the facilities against water masses that are coming downstream after a major failure of a dam.

Now a couple of NRC-engineers have come out and made the whole story public. These whistleblowers are pointing out that these events are quite possible and that the consequences may be as severe as in Fukushima: multireactor simultaneous meltdowns, breaching of containment vessels and a large radioactive fallout.


I remember Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Associates having told about the inland tsunamis that dam failures could cause during the exeptionally high water emergency situation at some river areas and river-side nuclear reactors last year. It seems that he was once more right with his predictions - a second Fukushima scaled accident was really near then.


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