Friday, September 14, 2012

Terrorist Attacks On Nuclear Power Plants Possible

Spent fuel pools and reactors could be an easy targit for terrorists but lethal for large amount of people even thousands of kilometres away. A model of Boiling Water Reactor that has SFP on the top of the reactor building just as in crippled Fuklushima Daichi reactors. (photo: Jukka Seppälä/Creator's Fingerprints)

According to recent news of a lawsuit against Entergy companys Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in New York, their anti-terrorist drills have failed giving at least 50 percent success for the mock terrorist intruders to reach their goal. Also the security cameras have been offline for days and other severe security issues have been revealed to the court. Entergy representative denies the security of the plant being compromized  and claims Indian Point to be "in fact the most secure nuclear plant in the nation".

Well, let's hope that isn't true!


It is widely known that nuclear power plants and spent fuel pools are the easiest and most deathliest targets for potentional terrorist groups in the world. For example according to a Finnish science columnist Risto Isomäki Al Gaida gave up their first plan to attack US nuclear plants because it would have caused too many millions of deaths of Americans - instead they attacked WTC- towers and Pentacon.

We should relocate all of our spent nuclear fuel from pools on nuclear plants and put them  inside dry casks or fuel pools located deep under the earth, cavens in bedrock, well guarded and secured - and of course, the nuclear industry would be paying for all of it, not the tax-payers.

Meanwhile, let's hope and pray that terrorist groups and individuals have it clear in their minds that by attacking nuclear facilities they would endanger the future of all mankind, not only of their enemies.


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