Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just In: Reactor Emergency Shutdown At Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant Due to Cooling Pump Failure

There was a emergency shutdown at Harrisburg Three Mile Island nuclear reactor on thursday 20th September at 2 pm, when one of the four cooling pumps failed. Big amount of steam was causing a jet-like sound according to local residents. A NRC official entered the control room to follow how the situation develops. According to news channels the NRC offficial and the representatives of the power company don't think there exists any danger to the public and claim the steam contained no detectable amounts of radioactive substances.


The most severe accident in US nuclear history happened in 1979 just at Three Mile Island reactor. Then the accident caused acute radiation symptoms (hair loss, womiting, bleeding for some people and killed pet animals. Some researchers have found out that the accident caused widely cancer deaths for people living downwind from the plant. The official estimates of the radiation releases of the accident are shown out by many researchers to be severely underestimated.

Let's hope this accident won't turn out to be severe.


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