Friday, September 14, 2012

Now it's Official: Japan Is Abandoning Nuclear Power Latest 2040

The Japanese Hydrangea revolution or Ajisai Revolution after the flower Hortensia ajisai is achieving some of its goals: the shut down of all  nuclear reactors in the country

Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE told tonight that Japan is going to shut down all of its nuclear power plants latest 2040. Reneweable energy and energy saving as well as natural gas will be the means to cover the lacking power generating capacity when the NPPs will go shut down.

According to YLE-news Japan is taking some nuclear power plants in use during the energy-shift after security check ups has been made.

LINK (Finnish) - YLE:

Today we got also news that In addition to Germany, Italy, Belgium, and now Japan by 2040 that will be shutting all their nuclear reactors during the next decades also Switzerland will close reactors by 2034 and  France which has been the nuclear promotor of Europe has also made a decision to reduce its nuclear power by 23% by 2025. And the province of Quebec in Canada announced also this week its plans to shut down all its NPPs.


Some pro nuclear experts have wondered if US reactors have to be shut down by 2018 because of recent court decision to force NRC to cancel the operating licences of US nuclear power companies if they can't safely arrange spent fuel storaging. There is no existing way to store the huge amount of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel that is now staying dangerously in spent fuel pools at nuclear plants. A terror attack or long time loss of external power would make the fuel overheat and burn with a continent wide radioactive fallout as a result. The industry is now having a rough way to walk. Let's hope they'll pay the bill without ordering a new round.




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