Monday, October 29, 2012

TEPCO Will Need 100 000 Clean-up Workers Each Year To Work at Fukushima Daichi

According to some japanese sources translated by  Fukushima Diary TEPCO will force its own employees (100 000 people per year) to work in Fukushima Daichi to decontaminate and keep the crippled power plant in control.
It may take next 40 - 50 years to decommision the plant according to TEPCOs own plan. But some nuclear specialists say that TEPCO may be forced to seal the plant in concrete for next hundred(s) of years, and then it is perhaps possible to decommission the plant permanently.
There are also some good guesses about the location of the melted fuel of Reactor 1 of FD: the melted fuel may have escaped the main containment building and found its way to the west side torus room or just under it, according to SIMPLYINFO:

It seems that FD reactors are still leaking radioactivity directly or via ground water to the ocean - the amount of Cesium -isotopes in sea fish has remained high near Fukushima reactors. A good summary on FUKUSHIMA DIARY:


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