Friday, October 5, 2012

Mafia Connected to One Subcontractor of TVO Olkiluoto-3 EPR Nuclear Reactor Construction Work

TVO Olkiluoto-3 construction problems continue. Now revealed are possible mafia -connections of a subcontractor. (Photo: Jukka Seppälä/Creator's Fingerprints)

According to YLE -news today, Some Bulgarian subcontractor at Olkiluoto-3 NPP construction site had demanded the workers to pay 50 euros per week as protection money. This construction company may have had mafia connections or may be owned by mafia. The workers are not willing to publish the information with their own names fearing that violence could be addressed to their families by local mafia. TVO tells that this subcontractor doesn't work for them any more.

There have been news before of workers that have not been paid their wages according to agreements and Finnish law. Sometimes the workers have been only paid  two euros per hour and concerns have been arising of misuse of social security insurances that could be profitable to these companies.

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  1. There are few different @ethnic@ groups practising "Maffia-like" activities,usually extortion from client.Originated from "Cicily",and losing ground to jewish Maffia in USA.