Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thirty Five Minutes To Meltdown - The Most Dangerous Nuclear Power Plants Are Forsmark in Sweden and Olkiluoto 1-2 in Finland According to the EU -Stress Tests

Olkiluoto 1-2 nuclear reactors, both built in late 1970ies and Forsmark reactors in Sweden have a high meltdown risk in a blackout situation according to news of  EU-stress tests being published this week (Photo: Jukka Seppälä/Creator's Fingerprints)

According to news given out by Der Spiegel and some other news sources, having some pre-information of the EU -stress tests for nuclear power plants that will be made public in two days, among the most risky nuclear power plants are Forsmark NPP in Sweden and Olkiluoto NPP in Finland. According to the EU-analysis in the case of serious cooling pipe-damage or total facility blackout the operators of these NPPs would have only 35 minutes or less than an hour to relaunch the power to avoid a serious meltdown accident.

Finnish radiation protection authority (STUK) denies the seriousity of the situation, though they admit the fact that there would be problems in less than an hour if a total blackout occurs, and they blame the EU-study to be one-sided.






Yet, we have to wait for the EU-stress tests to get published to get more detailed information about the situation. If these preliminary news are correct, we have serious discussion ahead whether these dangerous nucler power plants should be immediately closed down, repaired and secured against this type of serious accidents - and if they occure to be too old and difficult and expensive to be repaired, then we should permanently decommission them.


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