Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fukushima Reactors Were Destroyed by Earthquake Not Only by the Tsunami

There is now more evidence available that the Fukushima Daichi reactors were destroyed already by the earthquake and meltdowns started occurring before the tsunami hit. Also the radiation levels rose before the tsunami had destroyed the power generators and caused a total black-out at the plant. Sounds of loud explosions had been heard right after the EQ and some of the workers on site saw white smoke coming out from the reactor building and the walls of the turbine building collapsing or getting large holes on them before the tsunami came. Some of the cooling system pipes of reactor -1 had been seen getting broken and leaking, and the emergency cooling system was automatically activated after the EQ to cool down the core that had lost cooling when the pipes broke.

For nuclear industry and the so called nuclear watchdogs - nuclear regulators and safety agencies - that are rowing the same boat as nuclear industry, it seems to be impossible to admit that earthquakes cause nuclear meltdowns. That would force them to shut down tens of nuclear reactors that are sitting on the EQ-faults.

No more lies this time, let's check this out! Regulators should now take care of their main job: safety first!



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