Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Reduce Warming - Cooling Costs Radically?

I was surprized by a Finnish company importing warming - cooling systems: their new inverter split type room air conditioner is capable of using straight solar PV-energy, then batteries and if that isn't enough, using the grid. The company speaks about 50 euros per year warming/cooling costs in ideal conditions (in Finland!).

And they say that this sum was counted with only one monochrystallite PV solar panel with efficiency of 190W. The unit can be equipped up to three of this kind of PV-panels, so the total maximum solar effect would be 570W.

The maximum input of the air conditioner is 800W for warming and 900W for cooling. The output is 3900W for warming, 3700W for cooling.

And what is the price? The air conditioner slightly less than 1000 euros, PV-panels about 250 euros each, installing service just under 400 euros. If you by all the stuff needed (batteries, 1 PV, installing series etc.) the total price could be somewhere between 2000-2500 euros. You will still need extra heating device for the most coldest days (under -20 degrees centigrade, when the conditioner is not able to produce enough warming for your house and water, of course, must be warmed by other means). But this kind of quite simple energy technology innovation is something that can have a major effect on energy market if it is widely adapted by consumers.

Ten years ago the same company made it possible for the Finns to buy their air conditioners at European prices when they bought the equipment straight from manufacturers and the price niveau of air warming/cooling devices dropped dramatically. Now it remains to be seen if they do the same with solar PV technology. At least their advanced solar panels seem to be the cheapiest I have found in Finnish market.

Here is the link for this new device English Manual:

(Exceptionally I do not add the link to their Finnish websites here, but if you want to Google-search for this Finnish company it is called Ultimatemarket.) And I don't get any money from them (though I'm using their air-to water warming device as a part of the heating system of my house).


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