Friday, November 23, 2012

Michio Kaku: Solar Flares Can Cause Multiple Fukushima-Style Meltdowns and Worldwide Chaos in Near Future

In This 6th of June 2012 Transit of Venus -Picture the Sun is still very silent with no flares but things are rapidly changing when solar maximum begins (Photo: Jukka Seppälä/Creator's Fingerprints)

There was a fresh radio interview of Physisist Michio Kaku, who is widely known of popular science TV-programs and books. In this interview Mr. Kaku tells his concerns about recent growing of solar activity and the worldwide consequences it could have. The possibility of long power blackouts could mean core meltdowns in several nuclear reactors and severe contamination worldwide.

As from the very first page of my SOLARWINDPRONET and SOLARWINDPRONET-SUOMI energy blogs I have been sharing my concern of this same issue (please visit my first blog pages:  and ), Mr. Kaku sees the situation to be quite severe and hopes the governments to invest in securing at least power grids, nuclear power plants and satellites. They had asked the US government to give 200 million dollars to secure these vital infrastructure, but they got zero.


When does the world wake up, when does politicians and citizens start using their brain capacity. I'm afraid we don't have time enough. But we should at least try!



I'm sorry I have been too busy to update my blog for a week now - I have been participating Vaasa Wildlife - Nature Film Festival  where my film "The Battle of Our Energy Future"   was among the finalists. I'll try to update my blogs more frequently in the future.



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  2. Thank you for a good link, James! I will read it through - very interesting :-)

  3. We need to take back the power from environmentalists who could care less about anyone other than themselves. solar power.
    We need to put logic and common sense back into our legislative processes.

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