Sunday, November 11, 2012

Talvivaara Waste Water Pond May Become Totally Empty Due to the Leak

According to MTV3 news, the waste water gypsum pond of Talvivaara nickel mine may be totally emty in a few days. The leak continues but the company has built security dams to prevent the highly nickel-, cadmium- and uranium-contaminated water to enter the down stream rivers and lakes.



Renewables Made Electric Power Too Cheap in Germany - Caused Turbulences on Energy Market

There is still lots to learn in generating power with renewables - sometimes it can be too cheap!

In Finland It Is Still Too Expensive to Have Solar Panels - Because of Lacking Rules to Get Paid For the Extra Power

Finns don't get any money from their own power company for the extra power they give to the grid generated by their own Solar PV -panels.

The Germans Just Compared All the Costs of Power Generation - the Cheapest Was Wind and Solar, the Most Expensive Was - Nuclear Power!

Up to 41% Effeciency - New Type of PV -Solar Panels With Light Concentrating Lenses Developed in Germany

With clear skies - as in the Mediterranean area - the new type of PV -solar cells make a difference. New promising technology introduced by a German company.


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  1. Typically, what will happen especially with a new Orange County water ponds or somebody has cleaned out their pond and they are refilling it, it looks great for a few days, and you know the sun is out and all of a sudden, boom! Algae bloom, so there’s a couple of things we have to do about that. Number one and the easiest way to handle it is patience. Especially, if you have a good filtration system, and you added the bacteria, and you have some plants.