Saturday, November 10, 2012

USA Is Trying to Force Japan Remain Nuclear Because of Strategic Reasons

Why is the USA trying to press the Japanese government to remain nuclear power dependant? And why is president Obama backing new nuclear reactor plans for America?

There is ever growing concern among US politicians and military personnel whether The US-European hegemony in nuclear power (and plutonium) generation will be lost to growing eastern powers like China, India and the old brother Russia.

Well, the point seems to be who's got the biggest bomb in the future. In 1940ies they took satan to the back seat of their jeep when they thought they can control the world's nuclear arms production by keeping the techniques secret and having monopoly on the subject. But Russians did the Bomb, after that did also the Chinese. It was time for 'Atoms For Peace' - now sharing the technology with allies and friendly countries, so that they don't want to do their own independant nuclear research programs (and the Bomb), as for example Sweden did with its up to 100 nuclear warhead-goal -secret program. 

Now when nuclear power is not economically competative any more with gas and renewables and the obvious risks and dangers have become reality after Harrisburg, Chernobyl and Fukushima, there is a strong trend to abandon nuclear power generation in Europe, Japan and also in the USA. Remarkable is also that China suspended its ambious nuclear program for months and leading Chinese nuclear experts were concerned about the safety of Chinese nuclear plants. There have been also wide demonstrations against Indian nuclear power stations. People begin to be tired of lies of nuclear industrys safety worldwide. At the same time renewable energy offers safe and solid stream of energy and working places for the new industry and the examples of Germany, Denmark and all the other countries that have heavily invested - politically and economically - to renewables shows that they are doing just well. Renewables is the main stream in the future and new technologies are being developed rapidly into commercial phase.

This could be a time for world wide nuclear disarmament: new generation of leaders is taking the responsibility of their nation in China, as did in the USA. In a few years in Russia too. India could follow the example if others would take the first step.

Now, who is the leader with enough courage to tell the truth to his own nation: nuclear power is only needed in the world because of nuclear weapons production. Let's change that. Let's get rid of nuclear weapons with international agreement. The decomissioning of nuclear weapons should be organized by UN and also the atomic energy watch-dog IAEA should be reorganized so that it would not promote nuclear power generation any more but watch over the decomissioning nuclear warheads and nuclear power plants and safe disposal of nuclear waste.

As long as the leading countries of the world are trying to secretly develop hegemony in military power or remain their hegemony we'll never see nuclear arms or nuclear power totally disappearing from this planet.
But we all should have that as main task to secure our grandchildren's future not to be facing nuclear nightmares - in the form of thermo-nuclear war or NPP -accidents.

This subject should be discussed openly on international leaders summits. It should be discussed in headquarters of Republicans and Democrats, it should be discussed in Chinese Communist Party. It should be discussed in Moscow and among political leaders in India. It should be discussed among economists, politicians and military leaders. It should be discussed in the internet  and on newspapers among citizens of the nations of the world.

The subject is now discussed with 'read between the lines' articles as this on which John Hamre the president and CEO of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington (CSIS) states that Japan's getting out of nuclear age would be a threat to US interests as well as to Japan.

But when you watch this video where Hamre analyzes the state of US nuclear industry and show slides of global nuclear industry trends, you can quite easily read between the lines the worry of the strategic power (military and economical)  to be quickly accumulating (with nuclear power) to China, India and Russia.

We all should be concerned of this. But the means to fight this phenomen should be totally different. Instead of promoting nuclear power and giving keys for atomic weapons for countries like Iran, Saudi-Arabia, The Arab-Emirates, Egypt, Vietnam, Syria etc. we should be fighting to get all countries of the world with joint agreement to abandon nuclear power generation and nuclear arms. We now need more brave politicians like Naoto Kan in Japan or Angela Merkel in Germany. The world is waiting for the next ones!


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