Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Radioactive Strontium Leak in Fukushima Daichi

In Japan 45 tons of radioactive strontium-rich water leaked from the radioactive water purification equipment of Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant on Sunday according to NHK news agency. Even when purified the  water contained strontium 45 bequerels per cubic centimeter but before cleaning, it was highly radioactive, including 130 000 bequerels / cm3. Still, the case is serious, if water gets into the sea because it carries the in bones accumulative radioactive strontium, which causes bone cancer. A total amount of water escaped by my reckoning contains radioactivity 2025000000 bequerels (more than 2 billion bequerels).

TEPCO power company has according to NHK, piled sandbags into the ditch to prevent the radioactive water escaping to the sea. Any information about the project's success was not yet available.




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