Saturday, December 3, 2011

Now the Scientists Are Discussing Whether the Nuclear Fuel Is Out of the Reactor Building Or Not

Several news agencies and scientists have been guessing whether the nuclear fuel at Fukushima Daichi reactor 1 (or reactor 2/3) has stayed inside the concrete building or left it. TEPCO has made some computer models that show that the fuel mass of reactor 1 (Lava-like thousands of degrees centigrade inner temperature) have stayed inside the concrete building. It may have stopped just about 50 cm before it would have left the building after having melted its way through the steel pressure vessel and after that about 1,5 m concrete.

This link is in Japanese - TEPCO's fresh report of Fukushima meltdowns. On pages 1-45 - 47 you'll find some pictures with english terms, mostly you need to use copy-paste and google translater unless you know japanese.

Containment vessel may be tilted Yomiuri-Enenews:
But many scientists point out that nobody knows where the fuel is now. It is possible that it is already making its way through bedrock 8 -12 m under the power plant. And that would be a bad thing: it would contaminate ground water or cause nuclear hydro volcanic steam explosion.
TEPCO report leaves open questions - Yomiuri:  
N-fuel condition is unclear - Yomiuri:  
Deeper meltdown - nobody knows where the fuel is AP:
Tepco don't totally disclose the possibility of the fuel having gone out from the containment vessel -Enenews:

Government and officials trying to hide the information:
False geiger counters by Japanese Government offricials - Fukushima Diary:

Japanese scientists deny to stop making radiation analyses (at the end of the article) - ASAHI:

Some good news:

UN wants to get rid of nuclear weapons -NHK:

80 % of Japanese reactors closed - NHK:

TEPCO suspends building nuclear reactors - Yomiuri:

TEPCO indirectly admits they don't need N-reactors - Fukushima - Diary:

Japan's new energy policy saving - Yomiuri:

Japan leaving fast breeder reactors? - NHK:

So there were some of the news topics of last week. Inspite of all this radioactive mess - try to relax and have some christmas peace in your heart :)

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