Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fukushima car air filters so radioactive they had to be buried as radioactive waste

Scientist Marco Kaltofen tells that car air filters used in Fukushima area imported for analyzing radionuclides in them are so radioactive that they have to be disposed of in a radioactive waste disposal site in the US - ENENEWS/FAIREWINDS.

Some fresh points of view by an expert senior writer Takao Yamada - Mainichi DN/Enenews:

"Some readers appear to wonder why I recently write only about nuclear power generation in this column. I do so because I believe that it is a crucial issue that will determine the fate of Japan as well as the whole world." Takao Yamada - MDN

The Plutonium question:

Fukushima - A War Zone - Yamada - Mainichi:

The Reality of Decontamination - Yamada - Mainichi:

Nuke Promoters and Responsibility - Yamada - Mainichi:

Will Monju Fast Breeder Reactor Be Closed Or Not? -Yamada - Mainichi:

Use Your Own Senses to Face the Truth! - Yamada - Mainichi:

Has Japan's Nuclear Policy really Changed A Lot? - Yamada - Mainichi:

So, this article series of Mainichi Daily News by Takao Yamada is worth reading! I hope there would be more intellectuals like Yamada to honestly speak out their knowledge and experience of nuclear power related issues.


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