Sunday, December 11, 2011

Confusion about NRC's role, UN organisations playing ugly radiation game with peoples health and money

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission - NRC - is having a crisis: Chairman Jaczko seems to be too active

The other four NRC members have written to the White House to complain about Chairman Jaczko.


A US Congressman is speaking about conspiracy against Jaczko of other four NRC members according to ENENEWS:

The original report "Regulatory Meltdown"by Rep. Edward J. Markey (downloadable):

Are the UN organisations playing ugly game with radiation studies, the health of children and the money of UN and nuclear industry? Find out by looking the document film of Swiss production "Nuclear Controversies" by Vladimir Tchertkoff & al. -ENENEWS:

Or look the video here NWA-Schweiz:

Computer virus was found in Fukushima Daichi reactors computer system while doing recovery boost after the total black-out in March - Fukushima Diary:

Some good news:

Finnish Santa Claus visiting Fukushima - Asahi Shimbun:


Yoko Ono visiting Fukushima Prefecture - Asahi Shimbun:


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