Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Largest Wind Park in the World Is Being Planned in Sweden - 2500 MW, 700 Mills

A Finnish wind park at the north-west coast    Photo: Jukka Seppälä / Creator's Fingerprints

While Fennovoima and TVO are still dreaming of new nuclear reactors, several thousands of Megawatts wind parks are being planned in Finland and Sweden in addition to Danish windparks. The latest news tell about a plan to build 700 wind generators with combined capacity of 2500 MW on the Swedish cost. The offshore park would be the biggest in the world and the building should start in 2014 or 2015. The company behind the plan was shown green light by the Swedish environmental court in the beginning of this year. Finnish wind power companies are seeing realistic to have about 1000 MW new wind power capacity during 2020ies in Finland.

According to wind power industry new offshore power is already cheaper than new nuclear power, so we'll see what kind of effect these kind of large wind parks will have to profitability of planned new nuclear power plants on nordic power market. Signs of overcapacity and sinking power prices has been recently seen in Germany and Central Europe while new wind power and solar PV-plants have been writing new rules for the energy game.

There seems to be interesting times ahead!


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