Wednesday, March 7, 2012

An Excellent Interview of the Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan

During the ongoing Fukushima Daichi nuclear crisis I have been following with admire the former Prime Minister of Japan - Mr. Naoto Kan - how he has been very active in trying to manage the crisis though all the circumstances have been difficult and how he had to fight to get through his vision of creating a new Japan not dependant on nuclear power but utilizing renewable energy and developing new technologies for safer energy production. I really welcome this experienced politician to change peoples thinking towards more positive, safe, natural and renewable energy sources.

This link offers a window to the difficulties that the prime minister was facing  while handling the crisis:
Link - PBS.ORG:

I hope we could see him here in Finland to be telling his experiences of the nuclear crisis and his view in energy issues and pointing out why it is so important to go to renewals.

Perhaps one day we'll see him here!


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