Thursday, February 9, 2012


Sometimes I have wondered why so few artists have joined the battle to stop the nuclear industry polluting this marveillous planet and to take renewable energy sources as serious alternatives instead.
But after reading some stories of music and entairnment industry it's quite clear: you are singing the songs given to you by those who pay you your money.

It's really strange how Hollywood is concerned about Dalai Lama, Darfur or animal rights but nobody is reacting when people are getting ill and dying of radiation in Japan, or thousands of pet animals and cows are left to starve to death in no go zone around Fukushima Daichi! It's really OK to be worried about human rights but it shouldn't be selective.

This opinion is also made clear by a japanese actor Taro Yamamoto who lose his job by joining anti-nuclear rally in Japan to save the children of Fukushima. Link- MAJIROX-NEWS:

Taro Yamamoto tells why he is involved in anti-nuclear movement. Link - Shingetsu - youtube-video:

In the very end of this revealing video this actor speaks out about this Hollywood-nuclear thing.

There are other artists making antinuclear songs but they are few at the moment. one of them is a former US Congressman, John Hall. He sings on this video his new song "I Told You So".
Link: John Hall

"I Told You So" - link - YouTube:

A brand new anti-nuke reggae -video from Japan is worth watching - Rankin Taxi & Dub Ainu Band : "Radioactive Material: You Can't See It, and You Can't Smell It Either"

Link - YouTube: 

I hope there will be lots of artists making new songs and movies of this theme so vital for us all. It takes courage to fight against big money and political/economical influence.

It also takes a lot of faith and courage to make songs on amateur basis as this (a little funny) example shows out. Again there's a new anti-nuclear song of Carlos F-Major - the man of strange music and odd stories  . His new song tells about Talvivaara -mine in northern Finland that has asked Finnish parliament for permission to mine and enrich uranium. There have already been critical leaks on the waste material ponds of the facility and Finnish magazines have told that the company didn't find it necessary to tell the staff that they are mining uranium as well as other minerales - to avoid unnecessary fears among the workers.
By the way, I think SOLARWINDPRONET is also mentioned in that blues when he sings: "Solarwind is blogging, we're running out of time", (or what do you think? ) ENENEWS is mentioned for certain: "ENENEWS is giving information online"! :-)

"Talvivaara-Blues" by Carlos F-Major, link - YouTube:

I wish you all sunny days! (So do also my solar collectors for warming up the house. In a couple of weeks they will begin warming up nicely - until then I continue using wooden pellets in central heating.)

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