Monday, January 23, 2012

A Japanese 95-year Old Senior Scientist and A Survivor Of Hiroshima A-Bombing Warns For Underestimating Internal Radiation

A Senior Japanese Scientist and the former Chair of the Japan Confederation of A- and H- bomb Sufferers Organizations' Central Consultation  Center - Doctor Shuntaro Hida has recently given a lecture in Yokohama about the FD-accident and internal radiation exposure. He is very concerned about the general underestimating of internal radiation exposure. He has had over 6,000 bura bura -patients (a fatique disease caused by A-bomb radioactive fallout/radiation) during his more than a half century carriere as medical doctor. The symtoms of this disease have been newly recognised among the residents of Chernobyl nuclear accident fallout area. And according to Mr. Hida it wouldn't be strange if similar symptoms would be seen also in Fukushima.

Mr. Hida connects nuclear weapons with the underestimating of the dangers of internal radiation exposure. If the dangers were to be admitted then whole the nuclear weapons arsenal would have to be banned as inhumane weapons-system because of the decades-lasting effects of internal radiation exposure among the survivors of a possible use of any of these weapons. - Mainichi:

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