Monday, January 9, 2012

There is no safe dose for radiation

The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) admits on video interview that the nowbeing limits for"safe" radiation are just made up with no scientifical basis. If they had made the safety standars really safe for the human beings and for the environment the nuclear industry couldn't really exist any more. The real problem is how these false radiological safety standards are now affecting the health and lives of people in Japan due to Fukushima accident and also everywhere near the nuclear plants. People are not aware of that their risk of getting cancer is much higher than of those who are not exposed to radiation. Even the normally running nuclear power stations make this risk much higher.
Link by Fukushima Diary:

 The new year earthquake 2012 seemed to raise the Cesium- isotopes based radiation around FD crippled power plants. There are some rumors about the spent fuel pool of reactor 4 to be dried out and boiled again but no confirmation has been published by TEPCO or Japanese government.
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The worst case scenario in March 2011 included an ecuation zone of 250 km which would have cut Japan in two pieces.


How many of us know that nuclear energy is already now more expensive than coal, oil, wind and sun power?

Link: WIKIPEDIA - Businessweek 
The Funny Story of the Week:

One of the 540 entrees of the preliminary round of Finnish Broadcasting Company's (YLE) Year 2012 Eurovision Song Contest participated the first round of the contest with an anti-nuclear song called "Isotope Song". Though he didn,t manage to enter to the second round of TOP40 (which, according to my thinking, was no surprize), it can be seen as a positive signal for other songwriters to bring more meaningful lyrics to their songs also for contests like this.

If you want to listen to the "Isotope Song" by Carlos F-Major, you can follow this link:
(Warning: the music is guite rough, underground stuff!)


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