Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back in Business After Finalizing My Video Documentary "The Battle of Our Energy Future"

After editing day and night my first documentary video about energy alternatives of the world I finally have the time to do the blogging. I am sorry for the long pause in blogging!

There are so many news, bad and good ones, I should have shared but I try to list the most important ones and give short comments on them during the next days.

A  model of a nuclear reactor pressure vessel  (not manufactured by Rotterdam Dry Docks)

Twenty one Nuclear Reactors May Have Cracks in Their Pressure Vessels

Several nuclear reactors can be forced to be permanently shut down because of cracks in their Reactor Pressure Vessels. Two reactors in Belgium have been ordered to be shut down for safety reasons. With a new ultrasonic testing method they found thousands of small cracks in the reactor pressure vessel parts of the other reactor
If the reactor is having some trouble and forced to emergency shut down or emergency cooling, the reactor can be cracking like hot glass when sprayed with cold water. Then a bad core meltdown accident is immident.

The same Dutch shipyard, Rotterdam Dry Docks, that made these pressure vessels for those reactors in Belgium had delivered pressure vessels for 21 nuclear reactors, to the USA, and to Europe, one of them in Sweden. The  Radiation Safety Officials of the countries involved are gathering for a crisis meeting to deal with this urgent problem.



Link - Excellent video about "brittle fractures" in nuclear reactors - NHK:

 A model of a nuclear reactor pressure vessel (Not the same as in Belgium reactor)
A closer look at the thick steel wall of a nuclear reactor pressure vessel (model, Finnish reactor)


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