Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Science Article: Japan Perhaps Facing Another Nuclear Disaster Because of Denying the Facts

On a recent article by Rob Gilhooly in New Scientist  there are expressions of concern of a new nuclear disaster in Japan  that could occure in Ohi-nuclear plant at any moment because the Government of Japan doesn't admit the scientific facts that tell of a great danger of a devastating earthquake possible in that area. The Nuclear accident in Fukushima Daichi last year was caused by the earthquake - the meltdown may have occurred before the tsunami hit the power plant - according to the new investigative report.

Link - New Scientist:


How many Fukushimas will we need to realize the real dangers of nuclear reactors. Nuclear power will be far more expensive than renewable altarnative energy if we build the reactors to withstand the most powerful earthquakes and tsunamis.

Now we need some global Brainstorm....


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