Saturday, April 7, 2012

Former Japanese Ambassador to Switzerland and Senegal Mitsuhei Murata Wrote a Letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon To Warn of World-Wide Nuclear Fallout If SFP-4 Collapses

Akio Matsumura, a former Japanese UN-official and a well known negotiator, shares Mitsuhei Murata's  concern about the risk of Fukushima Daichi reactor -4 spent fuel pool to collapse due a possible strong eathquake. The loosing of cooling water in such a situation would cause a nuclear catastrophe far more severe than Chernobyl - the SFP-4 and the common SFP situated 50m away from SFP-4 would get out of control burning, melting down and releasing freely radiation 85 times the amount of Chernobyl  during the next 50 years. Containing the accident would be impossible, Tokyo and Central Japan would have to be evacuated and abandonned. The radioactive fallout would be severe around the world.

According to Akio Matsumura and Mitsuhei Murata it is needed now to collect all available human knowledge to avoid a catastrophe of SFP-4.

Read the letter to Ban Ki-moon published by Akio Matsumura here:

The video-interview  of Akio Matsumura can be seen here:


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