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Thursday, March 24, 2016

We Almost Lost Brussels - Can We Really Afford Nuclear Power?

Yesterday ISIL-terrorists made a terrorist strike in Brussels, Belgium. Sad and disgusting!

...It could have been worse, a lot worse than that. Thousands of deaths and injured people. And hundreds of thousands of people could have been forced to leave their homes for decades. There could have been a large no-go-zone of thousands of square kilometers. Radioactively contaminated.


...The terrorist group, that made the suicide-bombings could have realized their Plan-A: a strike against nuclear power plant of three reactors. It seems that they could have got help from the personnel of the NPP. Bombs and bomb vests were ready.


...They had to accept Plan-B and blow up themselves at airport and in a subway car. The police had earlier found one of their headquarters and arrested one member of their group. They had to change target and act quickly. So the nuclear power plant was saved - police and military had by then some glue what they had been planning and they had 140 special troops armed soldiers and policemen guarding the Belgian NPPs.

We have entered in the era of nuclear terrorism. We have been told that this kind of scenario is impossible or highly improbable to become reality. Nuclear industry keep on telling that nuclear power plants are safe and large scale nuclear accidents don't happen.

But this seems to be a taboo. Nobody should talk about it  - so the terrorists don't hear about it - and we'll be safe.

But they already have. WTC strike was also a Plan-B. Plan-A was to strike against US NPPs with passanger jet planes. But the mullahs were suspicious whether it would cause too many victims. And so they chose plan-B: WTC and Pentagon.

Environmental organisations have been warning about nuclear-terrorism for decades. It seems that politicians have not been willing to listen to them. I think they should. The alternative may be extremist-made Fukushima-2, somewhere in Belgium, France, Great Britain or even here in Finland. Can we really afford that? Or should we choose renewables and decommission our nuclear fleets before it is too late.


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