Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Well, weeks passed and I have been too busy to post any of the energy news I ment to. But now the following are some of the news and links that are of great importance according to my thinking...

The Chernobyl sarcophagus interior has been recently studied by Russian (or Belarussian) scientists and they found out, that the molten fuel lava has turned partly solidified uranium which is totally different from that glaslike lava that it used to be in late 1980's. Now the lava reminds cheese and allows water to interact with that solidified uranium which bring new risks to be evaluated.  (video)

The other thing to be remembered with Chernobyl accident is how close we were to a catastrophic event of super contaminating nuclear explosion of 3-5 megatons and radioactive fallout that could have made whole the Europe an uninhabitable continent. The next short video shows a former Soviet Union nuclear weapon specialist and former president Michail Gorbatschov discussing about the subject.

It is important to understand the development of the Chernobyl accident to get a clearer view of what is happening in Fukushima Japan and what can happen in any nuclear reactor in the future.

The latest news from Fukushima tell us that recriticality may be occurring not only in one, but in three reactors and it may mean a continuing nuclear fission. So hopes for achieving cold shutdown this autumn for all the crippled reactors may be too optimistic.
Some good news: Belgium is going to give up using nuclear energy according to BBC news:

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